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The Audrey Love Memorial Award, $5000 (given to artists in all media)

The Allied Artists of America Gold Medal of Honor, $6,000
The Allied Artists of America Silver Medal of Honor, $4,000
The Allied Artists of America Bronze Medal of Honor, $3,000


1. The Allied Artists of America Award in Oil, $3000

2. The Alden Bryan Memorial Medal Award for Traditional Landscape, $3,000

3. The Almenara Art Prize Award, $1000
4.The Eva & Manes Lichtenberg Award for Traditional Landscape in Oil, $1000

5.The Len G. Everett Memorial Award, $500
6. The Gary T. Erbe Award, $500
7. The Florence & Ernest Thorne Thompson Memorial Award, $350
8. The Ethel Gilmore – Charles J. Romans Memorial Award, $300 .

9. The Butler Institute of American Art Award, $250
10. The American Artists Professional Award for Traditional Realism, $200


1.The Allied Artists of America Award, $3000 

2.The Mary Bryan Memorial Medal Award for Watercolor, $3,000
3. Dale Meyers Cooper Award and Medal for Watercolor, $1,000
4. The John Young – Hunter Memorial Award for Mixed Media, $500

5. The Daniel E. Greene, N.A., Memorial Award for Pastel, $500
6. The Jane Peterson Memorial Award, $450
7. The Mary Lou Fitzgerald Memorial Award , $400

8.Pastel Painters Society of Cape Cod Award, $300 
9.The Kent Day Coes Memorial Award for Watercolor, $250

10. The Jenny Lin Art Studio Pastel Award, $250
11. The Salmagundi Club Award for Graphics, $250
12. The Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club Award, $200
13. The Pastel Society of America Award for Pastel, $200
14. The North America Pastels Artists Association Award for Pastel, $200
15. Pastel Art Promotion Association of Taiwan Award, $200


1.The Allied Artists of America Award for Sculpture, $3000

2.The Gilbert and Marion Roller Sculpture Award, $1,000
3. The Pietro & Alfrieda Montana Memorial Award, $500
4. The Lindsey Morris Memorial Award, $500
5. The Mary Kay and Paul Jeynes Memorial Award for a Wildlife Bronze Sculpture, $500
6. The Josephine Beardsley Sandor Memorial Award,$300

7. The Council for American Artists Societies, Inc.  Award for Excellence in Representational  Figurative Sculpture $250

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