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T. Powers Fine Art, Cocoa Beach

Proudly raised in Cocoa Beach since 1958

Passion to create artwork started at a young age. My parents provided the art tools. My Dad encouraged the art but as a logical, rational businessman guided his daughter to pursue a college education. My Mom’s idea was I will probably be like Grandma Moses and start an art career late in life. My parents’s ideas sounded wise so the college degree was accomplished - Bachelor of Science degree in Visual Arts Interior Design from Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida, in 1976. I finished the effort with a professional license with the State of Florida Board of Architecture and Interior Design. These events opened the door to a long career in the local aerospace industry which enlightened me on capabilities that I did not realize I had. Confidence and maturity evolved. I continued to create artwork and use different techniques other than the typical oil and acrylic mediums. Several galleries exhibited my artwork throughout my many years at the Space Center. Always wondered what type of art was exhibited in galleries at New York City so my membership started with Allied Artists of America about 1999. Retirement from the Space Center moved me to my next phase in life as Grandma Moses. My parents were great patrons of my artwork but now it is time to share my collection with the public. Yes. I am still busy creating new artwork, forever grateful and over the Moon!

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