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Antonio Masi, born in 1940, emigrated from Italy to New York City in 1947.

Upon his arrival, he was immediately drawn by the city’s possibilities and the beauty of its iconic structures. He soon knew that he wanted to be a full-time artist who one day would paint pictures that would celebrate his new home.

​Antonio graduated from the High School of Industrial Art and received an art scholarship to the School of Visual Art. He graduated with honors and began his professional career as a commercial artist.

​In 1966, Antonio returned to his high school alma mater and served as Art Chairperson. He also enrolled in CUNY and received a BA in the History of Art in 1975. In 1979, he became a full partner at, Ads ‘n Color, a graphic arts studio.

​For the past decade, Antonio has focused on painting mostly the bridges of New York. These paintings—Bridgescapes---are a part of his American dream, now realized.

​“Their beauty and strength connect to the narrative of my life and art,” he explains. Hailed as “bold,” “stirring” and “overpowering,” theBridgescapes’ series has received national acclaim.

Antonio Masi is represented by the Phyllis Lucas Gallery in NYC.

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