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Surely the gift of being creative is a wonderful thing but talent comes from hard work and discipline. The final painting that leaves my easel has a carefully designed structure that guides my choices throughout the process. Great design is my starting point and many of my paintings had numerous drawings done before the brush touched the surface. We fool ourselves if we think that it is possible to produce meaningful work without learning the skills and lessons of the masters. As with all the arts there needs to be a concentrated period of work and practice in order to have the ability to express that intangible sense of life that we wish to share through our work. Although I have my favorites when it comes to subject matter, I believe that all things can be made beautiful if your goal is to apply the principles of composition and the management of color to your work. It is not objects that I strive to paint but the essence of light that surrounds and washes over them.

​I am a life long resident of Bucks County Pennsylvania and teach “Understanding Color” along with traditional oil painting techniques from my Red Stone Farm Studio. Please visit my website or email for information.

​My painting “Calves in the Field” received an Honorable Mention at the Art Renewal Center International 2009/2010 Salon™ and selected for exhibit at the Butler Institute of American Art National Midyear Exhibition in 2010.


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