Many years ago, I fell in love with watercolor after painting for quite a while with acrylics. I find watercolor to be beautifully transparent and glowing. I enjoy watching color flow and the challenge of keeping them vibrant. My interests lead me to paint objects where pattern flows over form. I like the idea of “flirting” with the placement of pattern over form to maintain an energy and freshness.

I rarely use a color straight from the tube and often experiment with mixing colors I have not used together before. If I do not discover something new while working on a painting I find the experience too mechanical; I seek to learn from each piece I produce.

Beauty fascinates me but it is not the main impetus of my art. I equate the process of working out a composition with the art of ballet. The two disciplines seem to take from the same well, flow, grace, mystery. I incorporate an underlying subtle tension in the composition and color of my work that plays off the obvious beauty of the subject. I feel tension and beauty balance each other to give my work the interest I want to express.