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Cheryl Eggleston- Associate to Exhibit in the AAA Online Show 5/15/22 -5/15/24

We are proud to showcase the art of a talented Allied Artists Associate, Cheryl Eggleston. She was one of the first associates to enter this year's unique and highly awaited 2022 Associates Online Show.

She and other Associate members will have their art displayed on the a Allied Artists of America Website for two years, from May 15, 2022 to May 15, 2024.

Submission Deadline: March 7, 2022

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Artist's Statement

Angles and lines, repeating patterns – and some circles for relief.

Angles and lines represent boundaries. I like boundaries, they make me feel safe, as do repeating patterns. They’re comforting because they’re familiar and expected.

It can be difficult for an introvert such as myself to cope with the chaos of the world. Painting is my way of processing the confusion --or keeping order. When I compose a piece, I’m working out ideas and thoughts on a number of topics. Sometimes the topic of these thoughts can be stressful. I’m curious as to how others react to these matters, and I invite the viewer to examine their own thoughts regarding the subject of the painting. Thankfully, not every piece of my work is a deep examination of my reactions to the world around me. Other times, my works are more lighthearted, a playful look at life from an introvert’s perspective

Each piece begins by drawing little sketched patterns on paper, dividing space. It’s a way for me to free myself of distractions so I can focus my thoughts. As I work, I start to see things happen within the drawing and an idea for a painting begins to emerge. I transfer the drawing to the canvas. Alkyds, a fast-drying oil paint, is my medium of choice. As I paint, I feel myself move into the painting. I work until I find what I’m looking for -- balance, harmony in smooth color fields, edgy transitions between the angles and lines, repeating patterns, and then some circles - for relief. (Statement taken from Cheryl's website)

To learn more about Cheryl check out the AAA's instagram and artist's social media.

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