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Lorri Dixon- AAA Silver Medal of Honor Recipient

Congratulations Lorri!!!!!

Lorri Dixon is a 57-year old American artist living in the Seattle area. Her medium of choice is colored pencil. She is a member of the Colored Pencil Society of America (CPSA), United Kingdom Colored Pencil Society (UKCPS), American Women Artists (AWA), and has recently joined Allied Artists of America. Beginning in 2019, Lorri has had her work juried into numerous prestigious national and international exhibits. In this same time period, she has also had works published in various periodicals and has won several awards, including the 107th Annul Exhibition, Allied Artists of America Silver Medal of Honor. For her masterful color pencil piece, shown below, Lorri won a $2,000 price and was presented with a beautifully struct silver Medal that was jointly designed by George Lober and Ulric Ellerhusen back in 1926.

"Reflection of the Past" - Received the Allied Artists of America Silver Medal of Honor

Lorri's previous career was working at Microsoft as a Software Test Engineer. She quit work in 2003 to raise her children and attend to her special-needs son. After her son was able to successfully attend a university while living on campus in 2017, she then had time to explore her own interests. However, she had to overcome significant challenges related to Multiple Sclerosis, a degenerative spine, and other autoimmune disorders in order to embark on her creative journey. Once she had found some solutions for her physical issues, Lorri decided to learn how to create art with colored pencils, and in 2018 started diligently reading and working through tutorials. Soon thereafter, she was creating her own pieces, and began being published and having her artwork juried into international exhibits.

More of Lorri's work-

"Friends & Sea Anemones" "In His Hands"

Lorri can be followed on Facebook and Instagram as she continues growing in her art, at


Recent Art Events:

Due to the pandemic, several shows that Lorri’s work were in were moved to online exhibits. Currently on view:

Colored Pencil Society of America 28th International Exhibition:

American Women Artists 2020 Spring Online Juried Show:

UKCPS Annual Exhibition 2020

List of accomplishments in chronological order. 12/2018 – Beginner winner of Colored Pencil Magazine’s monthly challenge. 02/2019 – COLOR Magazine featured artist, with her 2nd piece of completed artwork. 04/2019 – Juried into CPSA’s 27th International Exhibit, with her 7th piece of artwork. 02/2020 – Featured artist in COLOR Magazine, with 9th piece. 03/2020 – Juried into American Women Artist’s Spring online show, with her 9th piece. 06/2020 – Published tutorial in DRAW Birds book published by Ann Kullberg. 06/2020 – Juried into LightSpace Time 10th Annual Seascapes and received Special Recognition Award with her 10th piece. 07/2020 – Juried into CPSA’s 28th International Exhibit, with her 12th piece of artwork. 07/2020 – Juried into Camelback Gallery’s Artist V Exhibit and selected as a Merit Award Winner. 07/2020 – Advanced winner of Colored Pencil Magazine’s monthly challenge. 08/2020 – Featured artist in COLOR Magazine, with her 12th piece.

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