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Transitioning into becoming a senior citizen, experiencing a major loss of a loved one, having two serious physically debilitating accidents, the pandemic, and the tumultuous world politics over the past few years have all been major influences of my work. I've come to realize all too strongly that I am encumbered by forces not always under my control.

I'm on a quest for self knowledge, a continuous journey, peeling away the layers of my subconscious to discover what has driven me to make the decisions I've made. All the imagery I have encountered over the course of my life, plus inherited cultural trauma, have accumulated in my mental landscape shaping who I am at any particular moment in time.

Since I'm attempting to tell visual stories, I've become very interested in making sequential art, as seen in "Confronting My Demons". I wanted the piece to look like a page from a giant-size graphic novel. This format presents itself to me as a great avenue to combine my love of watercolor painting & story-telling, as the piece leads us through a sequence of events over the course of time. Overall size is 72"H x 72"W.

The characters in my work are avatars, created by me in the form of sculpture which I then photograph in a variety of vignettes as composition elements for my paintings. Although my pieces are an exploration into my personal subconscious, I hope the themes are universal enough to evoke the viewer into their own self-reflection.

Randy Globus is participating in Allied Artist of America's Associate Online Exhibition on view now on the Allied Artists website under the watercolor category until May 15, 2024. To view her work and show visit:

"Confronting My Demons"by Randy Globus

"Mind's Eye" by Randy Globus

"Big Shoes" by Randy Globus

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