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President's Message


Dear Members, Associates and Friends of Allied,

As we enter the New Year, I would like to extend a sincere thank you to our entire membership.  We are extremely proud of our Elected Members, their support over the years is really appreciated and valued.  It is really nice to see Elected Members become Honorary Members after 30 years of participation.   Our Associates are also highly valued.  They compose the largest group of artists that support Allied with their dues payments.   We encourage everyone to visit the 2022 Associate Online show and enjoy the wide variety of high quality work of our Associates.   

Please keep in mind all membership dues expire on December 31st.  We will be sending out our dues notices soon.  It is important to pay  membership dues in a timely fashion.  We are collecting 2023 solo show information from Elected Members and Associates, please make sure you pay your 2023 dues to submit your information.   Click here to submit your solo news 

This year we have new developments in our Annual exhibition.  We will continue with the two components, the online component and a live exhibition component.  For our 110th year, we plan to return to The Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown for our live show.   We have decided to make  the live exhibition an invitational, which will include artists from the online show that have NOT won an award.  Last year the exhibition was only for award winners and board members, but this year we have two galleries at The Butler, so it will be a larger show for Allied, which is very exciting.  More details to come soon.

Wishing you all Good Health, Happiness and Great Success in 2023,

With warm regards,

Gabriela Gonzalez Dellosso


Allied Artists of America

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