President's Message

Dear Members and Friends, 


I hope this message will find you all in good health. 


Welcome to our new edition of our Newsletter! 

In the light of the social restrictions and unprecedented safety measures imposed by the Covid19 health crisis, the Allied Artists of America has decided to move our 107th Annual Exhibition online. We will give out all our awards, totaling $25,000, and we will mail a complete catalog to the participants. There will be no size limitation for the artists’ submitted work, due to the virtual exhibition possibilities. We expect a good number of artist entries to this year’s show and hope to make 2020 a memorable time for positive, uplifting and cheerful reasons. The Allied Artists of America continues an unbiased approach to all artistic styles and manners while selecting work for our exhibition.  Please submit your entry at your convenience; we are looking forward to seeing your new creations. 


We are currently accepting entries for our Associate Online contest; an event held every two years, this contest aims at recruiting new Elected Members based on artistic excellence. The  submission deadline is May 31. Please read all the information posted on our website.  


As a non-profit organization,  the existence and good functioning of the Allied Artists of America depends on membership contributions, public funding and donations. Our expenses are considerable and grow every year at a speedy rate. It is of utmost importance that all Members pay their dues on time. This can be done through our simple and secure system provided on our website.  

Our donors continue with their extremely valuable support.  

We are grateful to you all and thank you for your generosity and support. Your commitment and   dedication are making possible the preservation and advancement of American art through one of the oldest and most prestigious artistic forums. 


Please make this time of confinement a positive and introspective opportunity for the betterment of your life perspective. Stay healthy and sane! 


Mitzura Salgian