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President's Message


Dear Members, Associates and Friends,

As spring approaches we celebrate beginnings and the renewal of life.  Allied Artists of America continues its cycle of excellent exhibitions and offering recognition and awards to deserving artists.  We have been blooming with talent and awarding it with the monetary support so that artists can continue to create.  Awards are a way to inspire and we are thankful to all our donors for providing this valuable and important facet to our exhibitions.  

This year, I am very pleased to inform you all, that our award total is $45,000 for our 111th annual exhibition.  There are several new awards, as well as higher monetary cash awards to accompany our beautiful medals. Our Gold medal will be accompanied by $6000 cash award, the Silver medal with $5000 in cash, and the Bronze by $3000 in cash.  There will be new $3000 awards entitled “Allied Artists of America Awards” in every category.  We are also very happy to offer a new $1000 award entitled “the “Almenara Art Prize Award” sponsored by David Gutiérrez, the CEO of The Almenara Collection and The Almenara Art Prize competition. 

We will exhibit again at The Butler Institute of American Art, which is a premier museum venue, we are thankful for that.   This year we are going to occupy two galleries at the Butler for two months, which is a long run, how lucky are we?  Submissions are open to enter click here:

Lastly, I would like to summarize how fortunate we are to be part of this incredible community of artists.  Allied is very proud to offer monetary prizes to help artists continue in their creative quests.  Offering awards is a way to honor the memory of a loved one and do something really positive and meaningful for the artistic community.  If you would like to create an award in loving memory of someone, please contact me at:

With Best regards,

Gabriela Gonzalez Dellosso


Allied Artists of America

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