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Lisa Jacoby Downey - 2019 Annual Exhibition - "Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club Award" Winner

After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts and working primarily with photography for several years, 2019, Lisa Jacoby Downey made the decision to study in the classical tradition with a focus on drawing and painting.  Although Lisa is now transitioning out of an academic environment, she considers her time in the studio as a learning practice. She says she is now beginning to incorporate a more personal approach to her artwork that is a combination of observation from nature and her own invention, depicting a world that encompasses her life, feelings, and philosophies as a human being on this planet at this moment in time. 

“While a photograph is instantaneous, a drawing or painting can take months to complete.  I am drawn to this process of creating something that evolves, takes me through many stages, both psychologically and visually, progressing forward, backward, and forward until I reach a stage in which I feel I can explore no further.”

"Self Portrait"

You can see more of Lisa's work on Lisa's instagram and facebook pages 

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