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Honoring Glenn Newell (1870-1947)

George Glenn Newell was an American pastoral landscape artist known for depicting cattle and sheep. He was a founder and past president of Allied Artists of America.

Newell was born in Berrien County, Michigan. He graduated from Albion Colkege in Michigan and then Columbia in New York City.  Newell studied under Will S. Robinson as well as F.E. Courted at the Teachers College in New York.   He exhibited at The National Academy regularly between 1901 and 1944. At the Academy he studied under Edgar Melville Ward.

He did not connect with the Impressionists.   On the contrary his painting style was tight although his technique did loosen up over time. He employed color thickly with a palette knife.

His moody landscapes often depict violet shadows as seen in “Their Winter’s Store”. 

Many of Newell’s paintings are 18” or smaller. They’ve been priced on various gallery sites between $500 - $800. 

Art Historian- Elaine Clayman

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