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Honoring Harry Aiken Vincent (1846-1931)

There were twelve founders of Allied Artists of America. Today we are honoring Harry Aiken Vincent. Vincent joins the ranks of top Impressionist oil painter artists. What separates him is that he was a self taught artist. Although born in Chicago, Illinois, Vincent was drawn to New England landscapes in particular he was drawn to the seaside towns of  Gloucester and Rockport.   Surprisingly little is known about this artist. His first public appearance wasn’t until 1891 at the Art Institute of Chicago.  He was a constant contributor to the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, the National Academy of Design and the Salmagundi  Club. Vincent was many awards at Salmagundi. 

My research shows Vincent’s earliest painting sold at auction in 1864. His latest painting sold this year, 2020, at Sotheby’s. 

A Cape Ann Dock painting titled “Venetian Fishing Boat Scene”  was valued between ) $3000-$5000.   Its size is 11 1/2” x 9”. 

Art Historian- Elaine Clayman

A watercolor and gouache painting (20” x 28”) was valued $6000 x $9000.  

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