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Spotlight on Steve Scheuring- Winner of an Elected Membership- 2018 Associate Online Exhibition

Artist, Steve Scheuring is an elected Allied Artists' Member and a winner of the 2018 Associate Online Exhibition.

Although Steve states that he is predominantly a portrait artist who loves crowds and who's work is inspired by ballgames, airports, boardwalks, it is obvious that he has a tremendous talent for finding the beauty in everyday objects that have significance to him. (See art images below. First Image- "Berks County", Associate 2018 winning painting. Oil on canvas. 36” X 72”. Second Image- "Commercial Art”, oil on canvas 48” X 48”.  

Excerpt from Steve's website: Steve's canvases glow with a brilliance and excitement that pulls the viewer into the painting. Images from the streets of Paris…markets in small Pennsylvania towns…and summers at the shore all come together into a growing collection of paintings that reveal more and more of the artist through his distinctive style.

Steve has also had success from creating a jigsaw puzzle “Crash” (released by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company in 2015) He has worked to create additional paintings that he’s looking to turn into puzzles. We will keep you posted. Look for more information on Steve's website, Steve Scheuring Fine Art, and the Allied, News and Views' blog this Summer!

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