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Thomas Valenti - Splash 21

Once again, artist Thomas Valenti's art has been selected for publication in the annual competition and book that compiles the best of watercolor art, Splash 21. His accepted piece is a stunning watercolor painting titled, "Early Morning, NYC". This painting that measures 21"x 34" is in a private collection but Tom also made larger oil version that was one of two of his paintings that toured museums in China for one year with the America China Oil Painting Artists League also known as ACOPA. Tom was one of four founding members of this short lived but successful society of American artists from throughout the nation.

"Early Morning, NYC" 21"x 34" Watercolor

Below is Tom's painting, previously accepted into Splash17.

"Temple of Karnack" 25"x 40" Watercolor

"Temple of Karnack" was the watercolor version of the oil painting that Valenti has submitted to this years' upcoming Allied Artists of America, 107th Annual Member Exhibition.

To see more of Tom's work check out his official website:    OR  Google thomas valenti, artist to view some of Tom's videos on YouTube. 

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