Dear Members, Associates and Friends of Allied,

I would like to welcome you to our 109th Annual Juried Exhibition. It is a wonderful show with varied styles and forms of expressions from artists all over the world. Our show this year had two components, an online component and a live museum show component. The online show, which will be on view for one year on the Allied website, has enabled artists from afar to participate in our exhibition and win $40,000 in awards. The live show component was an invitational for award winners, who received an invite to participate in a live museum exhibition (on view September 11-October 9, 2022), at The Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown, Ohio. Allied Artists of America continues to uphold its original mission in supporting artists by offering substantial monetary prizes. Congratulations to all our award winners! We are especially proud to congratulate our first ever recipient of the $10,000 Butler Institute of American Art Purchase Award, Dean Mitchell. His painting St. Augustine Light joins the permanent collection at the Butler. A special congratulations to Max Ginsburg who won our $5000 Audrey Love Memorial Award for his painting Foreclosure.

We plan to promote, via our social media and blog, the artists in our 109th exhibition, which will be on view on our website : September 1, 2022- September 1, 2023.

We would first like to thank Dr. Louis A. Zona, Susan Carfano and all the staff of the Butler Institute of American Art, for hosting this wonderful exhibition for Allied Artists of America. We also want to thank all our tirelessly working board members in making this exhibition happen, now in its 109th year! We could not coordinate this show without them. Their work will also be on view at the Butler Institute live show as a reward for their contributions to Allied.

With warm regards,

Gabriela Gonzalez Dellosso


Allied Artists of America



         Congratulations 109th  Exhibitors!!!
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​Associate Online Show Dates

May 15- 2022-May 15, 2024



109th Annual Online Juried Exhibition dates September 1, 2022- September 1, 2023


109th Award Winners Exhibition at The Butler Institute of American Art  September 11-October 9, 2022

Butler show reception: Saturday September 10 1-3pm

Awards presented at 2pm

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"Because of my lifelong interest in watercolor, I wanted to recognize and encourage artists in the medium"


           Dale Meyers

 Allied Honorary President


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Gabriela Dellosso




Alexandra Jalil



Annie Patt

Associate Online Show Chair

Christina Debarry           



Zeny Erbe

Assistant Treasurer

Nadia  Klionsky                     

Awards Chair

Mikos Sebek

Exhibition Chair Sculpture

Yuka Imata

Advertising Director

Beata Szpura

Membership Chair


Elyssa Prystauk

Membership Assistant                         

Steve Scheuring

Catalog Chair



Michael Gabriele

Newsletter Editor


Chantell Van Erbé

Vice President

Arturo Garcia

Secind Vice President

Lucille Berrill Paulsen

Associates Chair

Judy Takacs

Social Media Chair

Bob Palevitz

Contact list Manager


Lori Savastano Oldaker

​​Junior Board Member


Eliseea Faur

Junior Board Member

Anjali Gauld

Junior Board Member

Vincent Nardone


Gary T. Erbe

Presidential Advisory Committee 

Thomas Valenti

Presidential Advisory Committee

Frank Liliegren

Presidential Advisory Committee


Bottom row left to right: Yuka Imata, Zeny Erbe, Jenny Lin, Beata Szpura, Lucille Berrill Paulsen, Lori Oldaker, Beth Shoener. Middle row left to right: Masaaki Noda, Jason Chang, Mitzura Salgian, Gabriela Dellosso, Annie Patt. Last row left to right: Vincent Nardone, Arturo Garcia, Mike Rohner, Bob Palevitz,  Gary Erbe, Nadia Klionsky, Elaine Clayman

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