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Allied Artists of America's Newsletter Editor: Michael Gabriele

New Jersey artist Michael Gabriele joined Allied Artists of America in 2000 and serves on the organization’s executive board as the blog and newsletter editor. Gabriele has exhibited his artwork (mostly landscape and still life pastels) at New Jersey galleries for nearly 40 years.

His work also has been part of the Allied Artists’ annual exhibitions since 2021.


Along with pursuing his artwork, he has worked as a journalist, freelance writer and author for many years. He’s written five books on New Jersey history, all published by The History Press (website: and is a 1975 graduate of Montclair State University. He’s a member of the executive board of the Nutley Historical Society and the Theater League of Clifton, and serves as the president of the advisory board of the Clifton Arts Center. Here are three examples of his work:

Honey and Hollow One

Honey and Hollow Two

Onions and Turnip

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