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Honoring Paul Cornoyer (1864-1923)

Paul Cornoyer  (1864-1923) , one of the twelve founders of Allied Artists, is unquestionably one of the leading artists depicting New York City. Depicted below is one of his greatest works is The Flatiron Building (as seen from behind the General Worth monument) 

Although he was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri where he studied at the School of Fine Arts in 1881, he went to Paris to continue his studying in 1889.  He then returned to New York City in 1894 where is set up his studio.  It is here that he painted his New York City scenes, primarily depicting the city during inclement weather.  The arch at Washington Square is presented after a snowstorm.   Cornoyer was able to capture post-storm light and reflections better than almost any other artist of the time.  

Paul Cornoyer was a prolific artist. Dozens of his paintings are in museums as well as private collections.  His prices range between $1000 - $96,000. Mr. Cornoyer's impressionistic tonal painting of "Central Park at the Boat Pond " has all of the charm of an exquisite cameo.  This work is extremely soft and has a melancholy sensibility.  The subjects are romantically resting on park benches as strollers’ approach.  Cornoyer painted in the Barbizon style.  According to Heilbrunn’s, "Timeline of Art History"... “At best, artists could hope to paint an idealized nature inspired by ancient poetry.”  According to the Metropolitan Museum of Art on the Barbizon School... “Despite differing techniques, training, and lifestyle, the artists of the Barbizon School collectively embraced their native landscape.”  It is said that Cornoyer’s work is aligned with the Ash Can School aesthetic, however, it is clearly less “gritty”. 

Allied Artist Historian- Elaine Clayman

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