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Honoring Arthur James Emery Powell (1864-1956)

One of the Allied Artist's founder, Arthur James Emery Powel, was born in Ohio but lived

"March Landscape"

and painted in New York, Dover Plains and Poughkeepsie. Powell was a highly sought after prolific  American artist with high sales records. Every generation of artists looks for progressive ideas to move art forward and Powell sought new ways to capture the landscape. Many of these American Impressionist artists studied in France where there would have been very little snow. Snow scenes were purely American. It's been said, ekphrastically speaking, that their art often expresses Robert Frost's poem "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening." Powel's painting, "Winter Light" presents a frozen landscape and this writer believes Powell's application of the "Law of Thirds" is perfectly employed in this exquisite composition

"Winter Light"

Powell was superior at capturing light and atmosphere through his color. He was most recognized and written about as his work appeared in the Hyde Collections  "Winterlight Exhibit" presented by Thomas Clark who was a prominent collector. Clark collected the finest American Impressionist paintings for more than 25 years.

"Glacial Lake"
"A March Afternoon"

Allied Artist's Art Historian- Elaine Clayman

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