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Honoring Jules Turcas (1854-1917)

Allied Artist Founder, Jules Turcas was born in Cuba in 1849 and first listed as a New York resident in 1893. This Allied Artists' founder was part of the Barbizon School, the first wave of artists that were part of the Old Lyme Art Colony and his portrait was displayed in the well

recognized Chase 10th Street Studio. Jules' father was of a wealthy sugar plantation owner who had a great appreciation for art and fostered his son's interest in the arts. As the sun of a plantation owner, Jules' was particularly focused on toiling farmers and their animals. He and his wife were enamored with Old Lyme, Long Island where they purchased a home on top of the hill and close to farms. Turcas, a "plein air" painter, spent timeless painting it's stunning views of the Long Island Sound.

"Island Sunset"' Oil on academy board

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