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Although our journeys are not the same - there are common threads that connect us. I have chosen to share and express through sculpture a lived journey, a small window into a living history. As our world changes, a sense of loss emerges – a disconnect to our immediate past and a distancing from nature. The desire to share these observations has become the motivation in creating my art.

As artists, we have a responsibility to capture or interpret current attitudes and their influences, to document and create dialog. Without artists, who visually captures the uniqueness of society? If we don’t interpret and capture it, time has proven it will be gone tomorrow.

We congratulate Ken as a participant in Allied Artists of America 109th exhibition. To see his work and the exhibition please click here:

Work in clay at Foundry in bronze casting process, Raven’s Domain due out in December 2022

This sculpture is a monumental commissioned sculpture at the Downtown Delta College Campus in Saginaw. Dedicated in 2021.

"Opportunity" Small Study – includes doorway and center section of larger sculpture - 2021

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